Enjoyment Obstacles

Obstacles To Sexual Enjoyment

Many women are not as sexually-satisfied as they would like to be. Whether it’s a life stage, a medication or a disease, there are many factors that can inhibit sexual enjoyment.

Anti-Depressants and Sexual Side Effects

Anti-Depressants as supposed to make people feel better, but an unfortunate side effect of these drugs is that they can interfere with sexual response and sensitivity.

Oral Contraceptives and Lower Libido

The medication women take so they can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant sometimes decreases the desire to have sex.

Menopause and Lower Sex Drive

The good news is that as women age, they often feel better about who they are. The bad news is that, sometimes, our bodies don’t respond the way they used to. That’s because declining levels of the estrogen lead to decreased vaginal lubrication and less vaginal elasticity, and lower androgens can diminish desire and arousal.

Multiple Sclerosis and Sexual Issues

MS involves the breakdown of the myelin sheath that protects all nerve fibers. The damage to the covering of nerves decreases transmission along nerve fibers, and these changes may decrease genital sensitivity, delay orgasm or decrease the intensity of orgasm. MS is also associated with a decrease in vaginal lubrication.