Clinical Study

Clinical Evidence That Zestra® Works

Two clinical trials established that Zestra® significantly improves a woman’s desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. Zestra® is widely recommended by doctors and women’s healthcare professionals.

Facts about Zestra’s clinical trials

— Conducted with over 270 women at leading US clinical research centers.
— 70% of women reported improved sexual satisfaction – and this was achieved over multiple uses, indicating that Zestra® works each and every time.
— These studies included women in a variety of life stages, with a wide array of medical conditions, and women who were taking medications thought to be associated with lowering libido.

Zestra® Clinical Result Summary

Results from the first clinical trial – a small pilot study of women with and without sexual complaints – were published in 2003 by the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. In 2007, a large clinical trial was conducted at 13 leading sexual health centers across the US. Results of this large-scale study were published in 2010.

Zestra® Medical Advisory Board

Zestra is proud to be working with leading sexual health experts representing a variety of specialties – gynecologists, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists – all dedicated to improving women’s sexual health. With the guidance of our Advisory Board, we are actively involved in collecting data on the clinical experience with Zestra, tracking new developments in the field of sexual medicine and developing next-generation products.